Three Good Acts of Goodness Young Art Competition 2018

2018 Young Artist Competition
“Three Acts of Goodness – Succeed with Kindness”

Organized by Edmonton Chapter BLIA (Buddha’s Light International Association)                                                      Sponsored by IBPS (International Buddhist Progress Society)

Practicing the Three Acts of Goodness

BLIA Edmonton Chapter and Edmonton IBPS would like to invite young creative artist to demonstrate their initiative in practicing the Three Acts of Goodness in their artwork. The three acts of goodness are to “Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words and Think Good Thoughts”. We want to showcase the stories and experiences of students on how they would represent the Three Acts of Goodness.

Entry admission begins January 1st till March 30th, 2018. (Free Admission)

For contest entrants

If interested in entering in the contest please click here for the submission form for this contest. If wanting the Chinese version of this submission form, please click here.

For Educators

If wanting to help us promote this event in your school, click here to print our posters. If wanting the Chinese version of this poster, please click here.

We want to encourage as many teachers as possible to help us promote kindness!

Prize Details

The following prizes for each category are:

K-2 – 1st – $50, 2nd – $30, 3rd – $20

3-4 – 1st – $100, 2nd – $80, 3rd – $50

5-6 – 1st – $100, 2nd – $80, 3rd – $50

The winners of the contest will receive their prizes, May 20th at the Celebration of Buddha’s Birthday at 1:30PM. All entrants to the contest are also welcome to come celebrate and tour the exhibition.

Exhibition Details

The exhibition will begin May 20th, 2018th and run for most of the summer of 2018. There will also be honourable pieces presented during the exhibition.


  1. Where do I send in the submission form?
    1. Please send your submission to the following address with the title
      Three Acts of Goodness Art Contest
      International Buddhist Progress Society
      10232 103 St NW
      Edmonton, AB T5J 0Y8
    2. Please do not forget to attach two copies of the submission form to the artwork. One on the back and the other paperclipped. It is acceptable to cut the submission form to size.
  2. Who can I contact to ask questions?
    1. Please send any questions to We will respond as soon as we can.
  3. Is it possible to drop off my submission in person?
    1. Yes, it is possible to drop off your submission at the IBPS Temple. This can only be done during temple hours. Please do not try to come after hours. If there are any problems, please email us.
  4. What do I do if the sheet is not the correct size as requested on the sheet?
    1. As long as it does not exceed an “11X17” and is not smaller than an “11X8.5” paper, we may be lenient.
  5. What if I forgot to attach the second copy of the submission form?
    1. Your submission will still be accepted. The second submission form was for administrative purposes so that we would have a detachable copy so that we can make appropriate records simpler.
  6. What if I forgot to sign the FOIP form?
    1. The FOIP form must be signed. If it so happens that it was not signed, we will contact the parent/guardian by email and ask that an electronic copy or scan be sent to us.
  7. Is the 100 word description of the image necessary?
    1. No, it is not necessary, it is optional. We understand that all artists may not be able to write to that extent. We are looking for background into the thought process behind the artist’s experiences on how they can express the Three Acts of Goodness.
  8. What is this about receiving gifts?
    1. The International Buddhist Progress Society is happy to inform you that once you have entered a submission and we have received it, we will send a confirmation email to invite you to the Temple and pick up a complimentary gift for your submission. This can be done anytime after the confirmation email. Please bring identification and the confirmation email with the artist’s name during the pick up. The gift is complimentary and can be picked up anytime before May 20th. We will be extremely busy May 20th, so please do come before that day.
      If you decide to drop off your submission in person then, you will receive the small gift at that time.
  9. What time is the IBPS Temple open?
    1. Times that the Temple are open are as follows :
      Tuesday – Sunday : 10AM – 4PM
      Monday : Closed
    2. If those times are not convenient for you, please email us for an alternative time to be arranged.
  10. Can the submission be sent electronically (ex: scanned/photocopy)?
    1. Unfortunately, we are not accepting electronic copies for this contest. We are only accepting original, physical pieces of the art. Thank you understanding.
  11. When will we be informed if we won?
    1. We want to inform winners as soon as we can but to ensure we give enough time for judging, we have decided that we will be notifying all contestant winners by May 10th, 2018. If you don’t get an email from us, you are still invited to come and celebrate at the ceremony and tour the exhibition on May 20th, 2018 at 1:30 PM.


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